To gain your full drivers licence learners will need to pass a theory test and practical driving test.

theory test for cars

The theory test is computer based and has 2 sections which are the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. You will need to pass both parts to be successful overall.

The multiple choice section contains questions relating to car driving issues and highway code. You will also have a case study with 5 questions based on a realistic senario.

You will have 57 minutes to complete the test and the pass score is 43 out of 50.

On the hazard perception test you will watch a set of 1 minutes videos which are shown from a drivers viewpoint. Using a computer mouse you should click as soon as you see any major hazards developing in the distance. The earlier you respond the more point you will score for each clip. Each video has between 0 – 5 points available and one of the videos contains 2 major hazards.

The pass score is 54 out of 75.

practical driving test

The driving test for car will last for about 45 minutes. It contains an eyesight check, car safety questions and a main driving sections where you will be asked to demonstate your reversing skills, independant driving and you may also have to do an emegency stop.

To pass you must avoid making any more than 15 minor faults and you must avoid any serious or dangerous faults on the road.

After you pass the driving test in an automatic car your full licence will resstrict you to driving automatic car and vehicles within the categories shown.

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